Protecting people, property, and our environment.

Mile High Flood District is dedicated to preservation, mitigation, and education.

Your resident experts for flood management and stream preservation

The Mile High Flood District is your trusted resource for stormwater and watershed management. Since 1969, we have been designing and building effective flood control and warning measures, open spaces, and regional paths, as well as removing trash and debris in our streams.


Be aware of the flood risks in your area and see how your tax dollars are being wisely spent.


Discover a trusted business partner that can help you design and build better mitigation solutions.

What We Do

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Flood Safety

Learn how to protect your home and property from flood risks.

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Floodplain Management

See how we help local governments identify flood risk and update floodplain boundaries.

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Stream Projects

Discover design, construction and maintenance activities through our partnerships with local governments.

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Watershed master planning

Watershed Master Planning

Read about how we partner with communities to develop watershed master plans.

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See the stormwater Best Management Practice sites collecting data to protect and improve our city.

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MHFD Confluence

MHFD Confluence is a new web application from the Mile High Flood District. It combines GIS Mapping, Project Creation, Budgeting, Project Management, Master Plans, Stream Assessments, and more into a single interface. MHFD Confluence is available now at Look forward to the Project Management and Watershed Story modules in the coming years!

See the video for more information on MHFD Confluence


MHFD-Detention Volume Override Video: This is the latest instructional video for MHFD-Detention. It demonstrates how to override default storage volumes in MHFD-Detention for all zones and how to enter a user-defined stage-area-volume relationship.

Click here to view all of our MHFD Workbook Instruction Videos

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Mile High Flood District @MHFloodDistrict • Aug 20

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Mile High Flood District @MHFloodDistrict • Aug 20

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Mile High Flood District @MHFloodDistrict • Aug 20

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Mile High Flood District @MHFloodDistrict • Mar 20

RT @mhfdfws: The ALERT System will soon be ready for the 2020 flood season. The melting snow from last week’s winter storm provided a good…

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