Coronavirus Update:

MHFD is going remote (temporarily). Public safety is MHFD’s primary concern. To ensure the wellbeing of our employees, MHFD staff will be working remotely for the foreseeable future. In doing so, we will live up to our social responsibility to prevent the COVID-19 from spreading further, while ensuring business continuity that supports our communities and the economies in which we operate. Wishing everyone health and safety during these unprecedented times.


Due to our small staff at Mile High Flood District, we utilize expert private consultants and contractors for our help our various needs. We also are proud to offer student internship opportunities that provide year-round engineering experience for several students.


Our consultants are critical to everything we do at the Mile High Flood District. Their help with our master plans, design work, software development, special studies, guidance documents, and other projects is essential to achieving our mission. If you’re interested in becoming a consultant, please review the following consultant selection process and submit an interest form below.

Get To Know Our Prequalified Consultants

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Whether you represent one of our local governments, are a consultant, contractor, manufacturer, or just have a specific interest in one (or more) of the following projects, we’d love your input.

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Projects In Your Area

Looking to get involved in your neighborhood? Check out these projects close by you.

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Your go-to place for all Mile High Flood District information and documents. From flood safety information to design tools, mapping and data, and more.


In addition to our consultants, Mile High Flood District partners with prequalified contractors to build projects and help manage streams. It’s thanks to them that we’re able to complete our endeavors to the level of expertise that we do. The majority of work is given to our prequalified contractors is through the Project Partners selection process—an alternative project delivery approach unique to Mile High Flood District. If you’re interested in becoming a contractor us, please review the contractor selection process and fill out the interest form below.

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Out For Bid

Projects that are out for public bid or selection are advertised in the Daily Journal. The information on submitting a bid or qualification can be downloaded by going to the specific project listed below.

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