USDCM Vol. 3 Updates

USDCM Vol. 3 Ch. 4 Update

Overview and Purpose

The Urban Storm Drainage Criteria Manual (USDCM), Volume 3, first released in 1992, has been updated several times over the course of 18 years as stormwater quality practices advance.  MHFD is currently updating chapters 4 and 6 which cover the design and maintenance of stormwater best management practices (BMPs), also referred to as stormwater control measures (SCMs). This update is an open collaborative process with over 70 stakeholders including local and state governments, academics, consultants, engineers, landscape architects, suppliers, trade associations, manufacturers, and contractors.

The goals of this effort include engaging a large and diverse group of stakeholders to identify gaps, update the criteria, and provide clear guidance on the intent of the criteria while allowing for flexibility and innovation. Stakeholder groups for the V3Ch4 update include: MS4 Design Standards, Grass Buffers & Grass Swales, Bioretention / Sand Filters, Green Roofs (or Blue Roofs), Extended Detention Basins, Retention Ponds, and Constructed Wetland, Permeable Pavements, and Proprietary SCMs & Underground BMPs.

Criteria Update Timeline

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