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Here you’ll see exactly who is part of Mile High Flood District and what it is they do in their mission to protect people, property, and our environment.

  • Directors

    Laura Kroeger

    Executive Director

    Bao Chongtoua

    Development Services Director

    Holly Piza

    Research and Development Director

    Brooke Seymour

    Planning and Floodplain Management Director

    David Skuodas

    Construction, and Maintenance Director, South Platte River

    David Bennetts

    Government Relations Director

    Amelia Deleon

    Human Resources Director

    Terri Schafer

    Finance Director
    Chad Kudym Headshot

    Chad Kudym

    IT Director

  • Service Area Managers

    Morgan Lynch

    Watershed Manager
    Sand Creek WS

    Teresa Patterson

    Watershed Manager

    Kurt Bauer

    Watershed Manager
    Boulder WS

    Colin Haggerty

    Watershed Manager
    North WS

    Dan Hill

    Watershed Manager

    Jim Watt

    Watershed Manager
    Cherry Creek

    Bryan Kohlenberg

    Watershed Manager

    Jon Villines

    Watershed Manager
    South Platte River

    Bruce Rindahl

    Flood Warning Manager

    Stacey Thompson

    Floodplain Manager

    Mary Powell

    Environmental Manager

District Service Area Map

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