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River Run Park, located on the South Platte River in Sheridan, is an unique urban river park that brought new life to a half mile section of the river. The park provides recreation, connectivity to neighboring communities, and flood protection. On any given summer day, the park is full of people enjoying themselves — surfing the river wave, making use of the regional path, and just taking in all there is to see and experience at this location. This project includes:

  • Improved habitat throughout the river corridor, water quality, and fish passage
  • Enhancing recreation, both in the water and adjacent to the river
  • Improved appearance using natural river aesthetics
  • Replacement of two failed stability structures in the river

The project accomplished these goals and brought with it several other benefits including six whitewater wave features, world-class low flow surf wave, river access, a regional path, and a pavilion gathering area.

The Mile High Flood District managed this project in partnership with:

  • Arapahoe county
  • Englewood
  • Sheridan
  • South Suburban Parks and Recreation District
  • GOCO
  • CWCB
  • Trout Unlimited
Men Surfing in River Run
Surfing in River Run
Adults Surfing at River Run
Man Sitting by River Run
Adults Surfing at River Run

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