Research Projects

MHFD monitors a number of stormwater Best Management Practice (BMP) sites in the Denver metropolitan area.

Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement

MHFD is monitoring two different permeable pavement sections in the green alley located at the Industry site on Brighton Blvd in Denver.

Rainwater Harvesting in Denver

This cistern collects runoff from the new building at DGC and uses this for irrigation of the adjacent landscape areas.

Green Roof at Denver Botanic Gardens

Almost .5 acres of this 3- acre garden sites on top of a parking structure.

Rain Garden in Lakewood

MHFD partnered with the City of Lakewood and the Urban Watershed Research Institute to construct a new rain garden.

Extended Detention Basin in Denver

At Grant Ranch, this Extended Detention Basin (EDB) is the first step in a treatment train approach used to treat stormwater.

Permeable Pavement in Lakewood

We expanded our permeable pavement research when we added a new type of permeable pavement at our BMP test site in Lakewood, CO.

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