Flood Warning Program

Fourmile Canyon Ck Overflow Along Topaz Drive

Protecting People from Floods since 1979

When it comes to floods, our main goal is to ensure the safety of our citizens. That’s why we’ve developed our Flash Flood Prediction Program (F2P2) which runs April through September in the Denver/Boulder metropolitan area.

F2P2 uses information from our partnership with NOAA National Weather Service and local governments to provide notifications of heavy rain and flood threats. Once notified, local officials can act according to their respective emergency plans and warn people in affected high risk areas when a flooding threat becomes more likely.

Get F2P2 Flood Notifications

Real-Time Flood Alerts for Public Safety

As a resident of the Denver Metro area, you can access real-time rainfall, water levels, and weather conditions throughout the region from the MHFD to help keep yourself informed and safe.

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