Watershed Master Planning

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Watershed Management Master Planning

Watershed planning is an important way to help protect people and property against flooding, erosion, and stormwater quality problems caused by watersheds. These plans contain a strategy and work plan that includes the following information and solutions for the watershed management issues:

  • Identifying remedial stormwater quality and flood risk management projects for construction.
  • Guiding new land development projects on regional drainage and flood control needs.
  • Supplying valuable input to watershed maps and the MHFD 5-Year Capital Improvement Program.
  • Providing help with the identification and acquisition of rights-of-way for future capital improvements and areas for preservation.
View Completed Watershed Master Plans

5-Year Strategic Plan

See our schedule of Watershed Master Plans for each calendar year from 2022 through 2027.

Electronic Plan Guidelines

For further guidance and direction on developing master plan studies, check out our Electronic Plan (EPlan) guidelines. These guidelines cover everything from the materials needed for EPlan files, the process of how they need to be developed and specific details you’ll need for the final product.

Watershed Master Plans

Find information on all active and recently completed master plans through these links.

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