Urban Storm Drainage Criteria Manual

MHFD is dedicated to promoting criteria for adoption by communities as well as guidance for engineers, planners, landscape architects, developers, and contractors within the Denver Metro region.

Users are encouraged to use the electronic versions posted below as updates to this manual may be done as frequently as annually.

Volume 1

Volume 1

Management, Hydrology and Hydraulics

Volume 1
Criteria Manual Volume 2

Volume 2

Structures, Storage and Recreation

Volume 2
Criteria Manual Volume 3

Volume Three

Stormwater Quality

Volume 3


MHFD has developed a number of tools to assist engineers and design professionals develop hydrology, adhere to MHFD criteria, and perform various analyses.

Hydrologic and Hydraulic Software

Design Tools as presented in USDCM Volumes I and II

SCM Sizing – Whole-life Cycle Cost as presented in USDCM Volume III

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