Development Referrals

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Development Project Referrals

Local governments can submit all requests for stream maintenance of development projects to the District for review through a process called the Maintenance Eligibility Program (MEP). This program has specific requirements that must be completed for consideration so before you begin, take a look at the resources below.

Maintenance Eligibility Program (MEP) Guidelines

All projects must comply with District guidelines for Maintenance Eligibility to be approved by the District. Learn more about what that means and what you can do to make sure your project is approved.


The District has the ability to partner with Developers to construct drainageway improvements associated with a development project, through our FILI process.  Learn more about this process by reading the FILI FAQ document.

Preparation Guidelines for MHFD Maintenance Site Plan

MHFD now requires MEPs to include a Maintenance Site Plan. Set yourself up for success by learning about what’s required on these plans.

Urban Storm Drainage Criteria Manual (USDCM) for Development Reviews

USCDM Volumes 1–3 provide excellent guidance and best practices for engineers, planners, landscape architects, developers, and contractors on stormwater quantity management for drainage and flood control purposes.

MHFD Data Viewer Map

Curious about maintenance eligible reaches? Take a look at the MHFD Data Viewer Map for more information.

Further Resources and Helpful Links

How does MHFD promote stream corridor preservation and what does it have to do with stream maintenance development projects?

Stream Corridors

Consider Stream Management Corridors at the earliest stages of land planning, when developing a site plan, and when planning for a stream restoration project.

Low Maintenance Stream Flyers

Individual flyers designed for different audiences such as communities, developers, and design engineers are a great way to communicate the benefits of early engagement with the District.

Floodplain Preservation Brochure

All new development plans should reserve a corridor for the stream. For great examples on how to make that happen, take a look at this brochure.

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