Permeable Pavement in Lakewood

Hydrascape (Slotted Concrete) in Lakewood

We expanded our permeable pavement research when we added a new type of permeable pavement at our BMP test site in Lakewood, CO. The site previously contained pervious concrete constructed using different aggregates. When one section of the pervious concrete started to ravel, MHFD looked for another opportunity. The concept of the new pavement was developed by Colorado Hardscapes under the name Hydrascapes. Although the name is trademarked, the construction technique, which includes saw cutting of conventional concrete, remains available to the construction community. The wearing course consists of conventional concrete with a pattern of full depth cuts (perpendicular to flow) that extend into the aggregate below. Use of conventional concrete allows flexibility in appearance, color and pattern as well as potential for wide spread use. A skilled installer will make the full depth cuts indistinguishable from the control cuts giving the pavement the appearance of pavers. This also expands potential use of the pavement to more decorative areas at a lower cost compared to permeable interlocking concrete pavers (PICP). Colorado Hardscapes constructed an approximate 1000 square foot pad in August of 2011 and expanded it in 2012, doubling the area. MHFD plans to conduct yearly infiltration tests and determine maintenance recommendations and promulgate design criteria dependent on performance over the next several years.

Pervious Concrete

Saw cutting slotted concrete.

Slotted concrete following construction in 2011.

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